How’d You Get Funny?

Often times people ask me "How did you get into comedy?" or "Were you always funny?" and I tell them, my family was funny. You see there was this guy, he loved tell a joke. Not only did he have his own arsenal of jokes he would share dating all the way back to the 1920's but he was a master of one liners. Like living in a sitcom, he would walk in and exit a room with a one liner that would leave everyone in stitches. His delivery so authentic, so effortless, it was almost like he didn't even know he was funny. His appreciation of the art of comedy spanned Charlie Chaplin to Richard Pryor to Jerry Seinfeld. He was a decent man, a kind man; his jokes were clean and comfortable to hear.  He was an amazing storyteller by nature, shared stories of mischief and debauchery that made you wish you lived in a different time, grew up in a different era. Spending time with him during my formative years forced my mind to grow and see things from different angles, observe people and life instead of just experiencing them. From his own accounts, I learned that life was going to be tough and hard at times; It is going to hurt, people will disappoint you and not be who you thought they were and sometimes you will feel like you can't go on but you have to. You'll find just something, one thing that will make you laugh and you will, you will laugh and your heart will fill with  just that one drop of joy, even in all of your pain, and it will turn your sails and on to your next journey you will go. I like to think that every time I get on that stage, be it 6 people at an open mic or 450 people at a theatre, I might leave with them just that drop. So when someone asks how I got into comedy, I'll tell you "there was this guy..."


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  1. I loved reading this post, Jen. Your dad left you one of the greatest gifts there is....the gift of laughter and the ability to make others laugh, bringing moments of joy to those who may need it most. Love you forever.
  2. Beautifully said.
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. I remember your whole family as having a great sense off humor. Please give your brother my best. Gonna try to get to one of your shows when wife and I come to Florida in October!
  4. Jencita!! I loved reading this post about Santa Claus!!! You definitely have that same talent and I can't wait to see more!!! I love you Sista!

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